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Next Stage Roadmaps

Helping Adults Transition Into Retirement and Their Next Stage of Life

Our Course: Retirement and Your Next Stage of Life

Retiring Well -- That is Our Goal.

We provide an integrated, retirement planning course touching on five key retirement areas: Lifestyle, Encore Work and Activities, Health and Wellness, Finances, and Your Customized Roadmap. Most retirement courses focus just on finances. However, our holistic course covers all aspects of life in retirement, including finances.

Each course meets once per week for 2 hours over 5 weeks, usually in the evenings. Below are examples of some of the topics we may cover in the five sessions of the course. Since we will only have 2 hours for each session, we will not have time to cover all the topics noted below in each session, but we will cover many of the key topics.


We currently teach our course at Stanford University to their interested Staff. 

We also market customized courses to nonprofits, corporations, universities and colleges for a fee. We periodically offer a scaled-down version of our course pro-bono to the community.

Session 1: Lifestyle

Your personalized Retirement Self-Assessment, the longevity gift, your new life stage, finding purpose and meaning, managing the huge amount of free time, trying your new dreams, overcoming fears, leaving your work identity, relationships, leisure activities, avoiding loneliness, and types of work.

Session 2: Encore Work and Activities

What is an Encore Career, suggestions of opportunities for you, networking help from others, uncertainty, resources to use, encore entrepreneurship, and enjoyable encore activities to pursue.

Session 3: Health and Wellness

What to expect as we age, and how to optimize our nutrition, exercise, cardio, and weight training, cognitive fitness, health care, and nontraditional methods.

Session 4: Your Finances

Tools to help ensure you don’t outlive your money, your life goals, your critical financial plan, investing and risks, taxes, healthcare planning, legacy and estate planning.

Session 5: Your Customized Roadmap

Building your go-forward, Customize Roadmap, including your definition of success and happiness in your next stage, the retirement areas you feel you need to improve upon with key action plans, and the retirement areas you are strong in to leverage and help you in this next stage.