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Next Stage Roadmaps

Helping Adults Transition Into Retirement and Their Next Stage of Life

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help adults transition successfully into Retirement and their Next Stage of Life after their midcareer and midlife. Successfully making this transition is often challenging, because adults are usually going from a very structured work, career, social, and family environment into a very unstructured, unknown environment (What’s next?).

Moving into Retirement and this Next Stage, adults sometimes have a hard time finding their new purpose and meaning, learning how to use their huge amount of new free time, deciding what kind of activities they want to do, trying new things, overcoming a fear of failure, setting goals and deadlines, leaving their work identities and reinventing themselves if they so desire. 

Our mantra for adults is that Retirement and this Next Stage can last between the ages of 50 and 85, can be a wonderful new stage of life, and with good planning and tools that we provide, this stage can be an extremely positive, exciting, and adventurous period to try new things or undertake activities you have always wanted to try.

What we do:

We provide a course entitled Retirement and Your Next Stage of Life.

You can also think of it as a Retirement 101 Course. It is a five-week, integrated course for adults in five areas that will help them successfully transition into retirement and their next stage of life after midcareer and midlife. These five areas are: Lifestyle, Encore Work and Activities, Health and Wellness, Finances, and Creating Your Customized Roadmap. 

Key Differentiation

  1. We are the only organization, to our knowledge, that provides such an integrated, holistic retirement course.
  2. We provide a rich set of learning environments, including presentations, guest speakers, experts, panels, and interactive learning.